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shanty crew X-berg sings  songs of the sea.  The crew was founded in 2008 in Berlin very far from the coast and the crew sings in a traditional manner  mostly without instruments, sometimes with the help of a guitare. Important: The crew is non professionell but met some:

shanty crew X-berg and "The Dubliners"

In former times a shanty was a work song that was  sung to accompany labor on board of large merchant sailing vessels. 

In any case, they were used to lighten the work and ease the boredom of repetitive work. The singing 0f shanties started up around 1480 and ended with the beginning of the 20-th century . Steam- powered ships killed this tradition. shanty crew X-berg is going on….and the crew    doesn´t drink so much beer as you may think.

Listen to the songs of shanty crew X-berg, look at some pictures, read the songbook or just contact us.

Veröffentlicht 22/01/2012 von Shantyman

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